Cheesus Crust: Restaurant ESL Role-play Lesson


Cheesus Crust is a unique and fun-filled restaurant play-role kit designed specifically for ESL students to help them practice and improve their English language skills. The kit comes equipped with all the necessary props such as pizzas, drinks, desserts, plates, forks, trays and more, all presented in a cartoonish and engaging manner.

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Immersive Learning Experience with Restaurant ESL Role-Play

Embark on an immersive journey of English language learning with Cheesus Crust, the ultimate Restaurant ESL Role-play. Tailored for ESL students, this engaging kit serves as a dynamic platform for honing language skills through realistic role-play scenarios. Dive into the delectable realm of restaurant role-play with Cheesus Crust and witness language proficiency blossom in a playful and interactive environment.

Whimsical Props for Dynamic Role-Play

Crafted with precision, Cheesus Crust features a delightful array of props, including pizzas, drinks, desserts, plates, forks, trays, and more. Each item is presented in a whimsical cartoon style, creating an entertaining atmosphere that captivates students’ attention while facilitating language practice.

Real-Life Scenarios, Real Language Practice in Restaurant ESL Role-play

Cheesus Crust goes beyond ordinary language learning tools, offering students the opportunity to embody roles as restaurant workers or customers. Utilizing the English language, students can seamlessly navigate ordering food, making payments, and engaging in conversations with their peers. The kit transforms language acquisition into an enjoyable and practical experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Key Features:

  • Accessible easy reading menu: Enhances language comprehension with a user-friendly menu.
  • 37 meticulously crafted and laminated cartoon props: Boosts engagement and creativity with a variety of visual aids.
  • Comprehensive lesson plan for varied learning styles: Empowers educators to guide students effectively.

Innovative Tool for ESL Education

Cheesus Crust stands out as an innovative and effective tool for ESL education. It caters to both teachers and students, offering a delightful and interactive approach to practicing English language skills within the context of a real-life restaurant setting.

Unlock the Potential with Restaurant ESL Role-play Lesson

Unlock the potential of language education with Cheesus Crust – where every role-play session is a step toward English language mastery.

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