ESL Role-play activities for English class and k12

Live a thousand lives with Role-Play—the ultimate ESL role-playing activity kit for English class. This printable collection transforms your classroom into an immersive world where students act out real-life situations, improving their English fluency and confidence.

  • Over 50 role-playing scenarios covering everyday activities like shopping, doctor visits, job interviews, and more
  • Detailed character profiles and conversation prompts to guide students through realistic dialogues
  • Extension activities to reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

With Role-Play, students learn English by doing—not just memorizing! Acting out scenarios in character boosts their spoken fluency as they use new vocabulary and phrases in context. The endless variety keeps every class lively and engaging.

Role-Play is the secret weapon of ESL teachers worldwide for igniting their students’ passion for English. Unlock your learners’ dramatic potential today!

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