Insta_match ESL Memory Matching Card Game


Insta_Match is a perfect memory card game is an interactive and engaging tool that is perfect for beginner ESL students. With over 200 cards and 100 pairs, each with a unique cartoon image and a headline describing it in small sentences and gerund form, our game offers a fun and effective way for kids to improve their language skills.

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Boost English Skills with 200+ Google Memory Cards

Step into the world of language mastery with Insta_match, the premier ESL memory matching card game featuring over 200 Google memory cards and 100 pairs! Tailored for ESL learners, this innovative and engaging game is meticulously designed to amplify English language skills through a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Key Features:

  • 200+ Google Memory Cards & 100 Pairs: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive collection of Google memory cards, each meticulously crafted to reinforce language skills effectively.
  • Cute Cartoons for Engaging Learning: Delight in the vibrancy of cute and captivating cartoon images on every card, ensuring an immersive and entertaining learning experience for hours on end.
  • Comprehensive Instructions Included: Navigate the game seamlessly with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Effortless Card Cutting: Simplify your preparation with cards designed for easy cutting, streamlining the setup process for hassle-free gameplay.
  • ESL Beginner Friendly: Tailored specifically for ESL beginners, the game offers a gradual progression in language learning, accommodating various skill levels.
  • Montessori Font for Enhanced Readability: Elevate the learning experience with the Montessori font, optimizing readability and comprehension.

ESL Memory Game as you never see before

Our Insta_match ESL memory matching card game is a powerful language development tool.

Srategically incorporating gerund phrases, matching game dynamics, and useful adjectives into each unique pairing.
Specifically designed for beginner students, this game not only encourages the matching of pictures with corresponding descriptions but also provides a holistic language learning experience.

Dive into a rich array of sentence structures, diverse vocabulary, and essential grammar points as your child practices and expands their language skills in an exciting and engaging manner.
The game’s versatility allows for convenient printing in both A3 and A4 sizes.
Suitable for learning at home, in school, or even on-the-go.

Insta_match stands as the ideal addition to any English learning program.
Delivering an interactive and engaging platform for substantial language skill improvement.
Whether your child is just starting their language journey or is already an advanced learner.
Our game provides a fun and effective medium to enhance language proficiency.
Order Insta_match today and witness your child confidently transform into a fluent English speaker!


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