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With +500 flashcards to choose from, these MEGA BUNDLE cards are perfect for helping young learners recognize different occupations and professions. Download now!

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Are you navigating the world of ESL education within a Montessori framework? Elevate your teaching with the groundbreaking Jobs A to Z PDF flashcards—a comprehensive Mega Bundle of 500+ flashcards designed to engage young learners in recognizing diverse occupations and professions.

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Unlock the potential of your ESL classes with Jobs A to Z Flashcards, a dynamic Mega Bundle curated to save you time and enhance your teaching experience. This collection, equipped with over 500 flashcards, offers a month’s worth of ready-to-use activities and games, making it an invaluable addition to your teacher’s toolkit.

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Featuring three fonts—bubble, Montessori, and OpenDyslexic—these flashcards cater to all students, ensuring accessibility and versatility. The Mega Bundle includes a complete lesson plan tailored for kindergarten, 1st-grade, and 2nd-grade students.

Versatility in Learning

Explore small cards for memory games, with two engaging picture styles: cartoon and Magic AI. The flashcards also incorporate small card activities such as drawing, filling in the blank, and identifying.

Additional Challenges Await

For those seeking an extra challenge,and over 300 pages of PDF activities designed to help kids recognize and reinforce what they’ve learned about various occupations.

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The “Jobs A to Z” flashcards stand as an excellent resource for any Montessori classroom.It’s engage and excite young learners. An amazing tool today and watch your students’ vocabulary and comprehension skills goes to the moon!


List of Jobs

Letter Job
A Artist
B Baker
C Carpenter
D Doctor
E Electrician
F Firefighter
G Gardener
H Hairdresser
I Interpreter
J Journalist
K Kindergarten teacher
L Librarian
M Mechanic
N Nurse
O Optometrist
P Police officer
Q Quality Control
R Receptionist
S Scientist
T Teacher
U Ultrasound Technician
V Veterinarian
W Waiter
X X-ray technician
Y Yoga instructor
Z Zookeeper

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