Mother’s Day Self Portrait Craft


Enjoy your charming Mother’s Day Self Portrait printable PDF!
This delightful digital product is designed to inspire creativity and celebrate Mom in a unique and personalized way

With ease of use and imagination in mind, this activity provides a fun and engaging experience for preschoolers to create a special gift for their mom.

Featuring 10 different pages with various doodles to assemble Mom’s face, including noses, eyes, mouths, hair, and even jewelry, children can mix and match to create a portrait that captures the essence of their mom
This is a great craft and an exercise for preschoolers and first graders to make a great craft for a self portrait of their mom and parents

It  can be used a as a drawing or as a template for any kind of parents or guardian kids may have give a lot flexibility and  space for creativity

Each doodle offers a playful and endearing touch, allowing children to express their love and admiration through art.


The colouring process is simple and enjoyable, making it suitable for young children

With easy-to-colour designs and plenty of room for creativity,preschoolers can enjoy bringing their mom’s portrait to life with vibrant colours and personal touches


Not only is this activity a joy to create, but it also serves as a heartfelt keepsake that Mom will cherish
Every time she looks at the self-portrait crafted by her little one,she will be reminded of the love and affection they have for her


Whether you’re a parent,teacher,our Mother’s Day Self Portrait activity is the one of perfect way to celebrate this special occasion

Easy to use, fun to make, and filled with love – it’s a delightful way for preschoolers to show Mom just how much she is loved and appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day!


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