Counting with fingers Craft


Our PDF printable is a fantastic resource designed to make learning fun for kids. It features a series of craft activities that help children learn counting using their fingers. The craft is easy and very easy to modify; hands-on, encouraging children to physically engage with numbers. This not only enhances their mathematical skills but also develops their fine motor skills through creative play.

The printable is black and white, which saves ink and allows for personalization through coloring by the students. It is visually appealing, with designs crafted to captivate and sustain the attention of young learners. Perfect for parents and educators alike, this resource provides a creative approach to teaching math concepts.

This Counting with fingers  activity is suitable for children aged 3-6 years and requires basic supplies like scissors, glue, and hook and loop fasteners (velcro). Additionally, using card or cardboard is optional, offering flexibility in how the activities can be structured and completed. Enjoy the fun of learning through play with this engaging and educational resource!


Suitable for children aged 3-6 years.


Require :

– scissors

– glue

– Hook and loop fasteners (velcro)

– card or cardboard (optional)


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