Mental Health

Mental Health Printables for K-12

Get your students focused and feeling their best with these one-of-a-kind emotional health printables designed by teachers for teachers. This collection of ready-to-use PDFs will have your students practicing mindfulness, self-care, and emotional awareness in no time.

  • Over 50 printables covering gratitude, growth mindset, self-esteem, managing anxiety, and more
  • Created by experienced educators specifically for the classroom
  • Easy to print or assign digitally
  • Engaging activities, journal prompts, lessons, posters, and more

With research showing social-emotional learning improves academic performance, these printables are a must-have. They make teaching mental and emotional positive health skills simple. Students will gain the tools they need to manage stress, practice positivity, and build healthy relationships.

If you want to see your students thrive inside and outside the classroom, this comprehensive collection is for you. These teacher-approved printables turn mental health into an easily integrated, fun part of your students’ day.

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